Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most popular print method.  Your artwork is exposed onto a screen to produce an exact image of your artwork.  Ink is then pushed through the  exposed image on the screen onto your  garment.   It is perfect for  quantities from 25 up to thousands of garments.  Screen printing is perfect for t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags and aprons.

We use the friendliest inks available from Permaset. They are water based and free from solvents, toxic chemicals, CFCs, HCFCs, and other nasties.  We wash up the screens with water rather than chemical solvents, ensuring you have the highest-quality, lowest-impact print around.

The minimum print is 25 shirts.  This means that the print requirements need to be exactly the same for all shirts.  This includes having all shirts black / dark / coloured OR all shirts white / light coloured.  If you have a range of designs, you need to get at least 25 shirts with each design.  If you are printing shirts for adults and children, we usually need a smaller print for children’s shirts up to and including size 6.  In that case, you would need a minimum of 25 small tees and a minimum of 25 bigger kids and adults tees.

Please get in touch for all printing and t-shirt prices
Some factors that determine the price  are:
– Quantity
– Number of colours (usually max of 4 colours )
– Number of print positions

We keep your screens for approx 6 months for reprints.


Embroidery can be a great choice for a premium or businessy look to your garments.
The cost of embroidery depends on:
– the size of your logo / artwork
– the number of stitches required
For this reason, each embroidery job is quoted individually.
Embroidery is great for pocket sized logos, polo shirts and caps.

Direct-To-Garment Digital Printing or DTG

DTG prints directly onto the garment, much like printing on paper.  You can print as many colours as you like and there are no set-up costs.  It’s perfect for printing very detailed designs or photographs.

DTG is good for:
– small orders
– lots of print colours
– white or very light t-shirts


All the garments come with a little size tag sewn into the neck as well as certification & care labels sewn into the left side seam.
If you have a retail brand, you may want to also add you own sew-on labels to the inside neck, the side seam, the sleeve hem or bottom hem.  The minimum order for custom labelling is 200 garments.


​The better quality artwork we receive, the better print outcome you will have.
Perfect to work  with:
– Vector file -either EPS or AI with text converted to outlines
– High resolution TIFF
– PSD file including  layers
– Min 300dpi
– Pantone colours specified  if possible
– Print position and  size specified
Not so good to work with:
– Low res JPGs, GIFs or Word docs which pixelate when resized

If you need some help to prepare your artwork, we will  happily help you out.
There is a graphic design charge ($30 per half hour) but we will give you a time estimate prior to starting any redesign work.

Digital Printing Pricing
PH:  0427 068 952

shop 1/29 Brigantine St 29 Brigantine St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Please get in touch to make an appointment to see the range at the showroom in Byron Bay.

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